8 best Gharelo Karobar Ideas for Women in Pakistan


Hey there! are you searching for some great business ideas to start your own business in Pakistan? Well, you have come to the right place. This article contains 8 best and most profitable gharelo karobar ideas for women in Pakistan. Read the whole article and select one for yours.

Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Every country is seeing a hike in its no of entrepreneurs. It has grabbed the attention of both men and women equally. In Pakistan, many women seem interested in entrepreneurship, however, there are very few women who are actually going for it. Why? There are many reasons. Some women are confused about the ideas, some don’t know where to start or how to start and there are some who have both problems. So, this article will help you to overcome your confusion. 

Without wasting any time, Let’s discuss 8 best and easy business ideas in detail and how to start them. Readers, let’s dive in!


  1. Bakery Business

Do you have a passion for baking and excellent baking skills? If so, then you are in demand right now. The baking business in Pakistan is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Baking products are part of every small and big event. Cakes are now an important part of most events, from birthday parties to bridal showers to graduation parties and weddings.

It is not compulsory for you to have your own physical bakery shop to start this business. You can have a virtual bakery which means that you can start selling your bakery items online. Let your creative side do wonders for you by making creative cakes and cookies. Post pictures of your cakes and cookies online and start your business today.

To open an online bakery, you have to follow the following steps: -

  • Create an Instagram or Facebook page.
  • Choose a creative name for your bakery.
  • Put the details of your services there i.e., bakery items, prices, delivery policy, etc.


  1. Tutoring business

Are you an educated woman? Do you have a passion for teaching? If yes, then the tuition business is most suitable for you. Parents in Pakistan are always in search of after-school tuition for their children. So, why not take this as an opportunity and offer your services to them.

You can opt for home as well as online tutoring. However, online tutoring is becoming more common these days. Online tutoring allows you to provide your services to students all over the world.  

There are many online platforms where tutors can set up their profiles and provide online tutoring services to students all over the world. For online tutoring, you need a laptop with stable internet connection and good English-speaking skills along with your formal education.

Go on and search for online platforms, set up your profile there and start your entrepreneurship journey from today.


  1. Online Clothing Store

In recent years, online karobar has become immensely popular in Pakistan. During the period of covid-19, almost every small and large business holder shifted their business online. Even after Covid-19, this trend is still alive. So, why not take advantage of it?

Clothing business is considered one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. If you are a woman who loves fashion and has a good sense of style then this business idea is just best for you. Before you start this business, make sure that you have knowledge of different types of fabrics, quality of fabrics, size charts, etc. After that, create articles for your store, post pictures of these articles on your online store and that’s it.

To open an online store, follow the following steps: -

  • Choose a unique and memorable name for your store.
  • Create a website for your store or create an Instagram or Facebook page.
  • Post all the pictures of your items with details i.e., price, material, and size chart.
  • Collaborate with a courier company for delivery of your product to your customer.


  1. Freelancing


Are you tired of your 9-5 job? if so, then start freelancing from today.

Instead of working 40 hours per week for a specific organization, freelancing allows a person to work for different organizations. Above all, there is no restriction on time and location. You can work wherever and whenever you want, but make sure to submit your order on time. 

Freelancing falls into the category of zero investment business. For freelancing, you must have at least one skill which can be graphic designing, coding, content writing, etc. 

Select a skill for yourself and after that, follow the following steps to start freelancing: -

  • Choose a skill that you master i.e., coding, graphic designing.
  • Setup your profile on any freelancing platform I.e., Upwork, freelancer, etc.
  • Form your pricing structure.
  • Create your portfolio (an online platform where you can showcase your work).
  • Write a proposal to your clients to get the order.


  1. YouTube Channel


YouTube has grabbed the attention of a huge population of content creators around the world. People around the world are making lots of money by creating unique videos and sharing them on YouTube. During the period of covid-19, It has become one of the most popular online money-making instruments. Today, YouTube has more than 51 million active channels.


There are many women in Pakistan who have their own channels on YouTube and they are earning really well. This business idea is suitable for women who want to connect with the world while staying at home. 


Do you think that you need a lot of skills for your YouTube channel? well, that’s not true. It is not compulsory to have a lot of skills or knowledge to start a YouTube channel. For example, if your cooking skills are good, you can create videos of your recipes and share them on YouTube. There are diverse YouTube channel ideas. You can start a cooking channel, makeup channel, educational channel, comedy channel, arts and crafts channel, etc. 


To start your own YouTube channel, first, you have to select a particular niche for your channel, then create the channel and upload videos on your channels. Make sure to create quality content for your audience because your earning and channel growth fully rely on no of your subscribers.


  1. Blogging

Do you want to share your ideas with the world? if yes, then start blogging from today. Blogging is a modern way of sharing ideas, thoughts, and views. it is one of the best business opportunities for women who don’t have any investment but have expertise in writing. It is a very lucrative business and there are many successful bloggers who are making six figures through blogging.

Blogs help drive traffic to a website. That is why bloggers are in huge demand nowadays. Every website holder needs bloggers for writing content for their website in return they pay a very well amount. You can also start your own blog. For this, you have to select a particular niche for your blog. You can have a travel blog, health and fitness blog, educational blog, or any niche of your interest.

To get started, select a particular niche for your blog and write effective content in that blog for your readers. make sure to write effective content for the blog, otherwise, it would be hard for you to become a successful blogger.


  1. Mehndi studio


Pakistani girls have a never-ending love for mehndi. Mehndi artists have always been in demand on every occasion. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, Eid, or any other event. If you have the talent of creating beautiful mehndi designs, then you can earn really well. 


You can start this business by opening your own mehndi studio at home. Inform people around you about your talent. To enhance your business, you will need the support of social media. Let more people know of your talent by creating an Instagram page. Create an Instagram page, put your studio location on Instagram, post pictures of your mehndi designs, and mention your rates. That is how you can grow your mehndi business and earn while staying at home.


  1. Gharelo Silai Centre


A silai centre is an institute where women are taught how to stitch and cut clothes. There are many women in Pakistan who have a passion for stitching and want to learn that skill. If you are among those women who know how to stitch clothes then you can start your own silai centre and provide your services to women who want to learn.


You can start this business by turning an empty room in your house into a Silai Centre. You will need at least five Silai Machines at the start. Approach your friends and family and tell them about your initiative. To grow your business, you will need the support of social media.

          To buy all the machinery, you may need to invest around 50 to 80 thousand rupees but, it will turn out to be a profitable source of income.

          Final statement

There are a lot of opportunities for women to start a business in Pakistan. Thanks to the internet, many businesses today can be started with little or no investment at all. This article highlighted those businesses that are easy to start and profitable in terms of money. Select one for yourself and start working on it from today because you know. IT’S NOW OR NEVER.


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