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Are you looking for business ideas to start a business in Pakistan? If yes, then you are at the right place.

 This article will indicate some business ideas for you to start and grow your business in Pakistan and earn nicer money. So, let’s dig in.

The unemployment rate in Pakistan is now below average as the majority of our youngsters are moving toward entrepreneurship.

According to Economists, a proposed business is incredible if it meets the following requirements,

  • It offers a solution (it fulfills the needs)
  • It can be scaled (you can enlarge it or shrink it)
  • It's challenging to replicate (add distinctive things to it) 
  • Your intuition is stirred by it.

Below is a list of some great business ideas for you to start your business in Pakistan.



Any victim of 9-5 rat race here? Freelancing has a surprise for you!

Instead of working individually for a specific organization, a freelancer works on permanent contracts for a number of different businesses. Freelancing has freed mankind from the strict schedule of 9-5 jobs. You can work anytime from anywhere with whatever person or organization you want. Isn’t it amazing?

In recent years freelancing has become a game changer by opening doors of opportunities for people belonging to almost every field. There are many people who are making six figures through freelancing. It is also one of the zero-investment businesses that requires only a laptop with stable internet connection and most importantly a skill or set of skills related to which you have to provide services.

To get started, you need to select a niche and set up your profile on any freelancing platform to provide your services. Go on and search for the complete process online if you really want to go for it.


Content writing

If you have a thing for writing and you write often then you can turn your hobby into a money-making instrument. It's a zero-investment business. All you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection combined with good writing skills to earn up to 50000 rupees per month with no experience.

There are many online platforms from where you can start earning as a content writer which means that you can earn while staying at home. This business idea is especially useful for Pakistani women because it allows them to provide for their families while remaining at home.



In recent years, blogging has become immensely popular in the business world. It is now a new way of sharing ideas, thoughts, and views. It is best for people who have craving for sharing their knowledge, ideas, or thoughts. It also helps to drive traffic to a website.

It is a very broad domain and to get started, you need to select a particular niche for your blog and write compelling content in that blog for your readers. You can also get hired by someone to write for their blog or website in return they pay you suitable money.



For all the photography lovers out there, it’s time for you to turn your passion into paper money. In Pakistan, every season is a wedding season. For Pakistanis, weddings are incomplete without photographers. It is one of the most important tasks of the wedding planner to hire a photographer. So, why not turn this opportunity into your favor?

In recent years, photography has become so much popular in Pakistan. Whether it is an event photography, fashion photography, travel photography, or wildlife photography, you can earn really well from this business.

If you have a good camera and good photography skills, then all you need is to take your first step in pursuing this career. You will not regret it.


Domestic cooking

Pakistanis have a never-ending love for food and that is why the food business is one of the most successful businesses in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a person can earn an average of rupees 8000 per day only with a cart of French fries.

On one side, Pakistanis are extremely fond of food, but on the other side, they are also conscious of healthy and hygienic eating. That is where domestic cooking can play its role. 

If you cannot afford to open a restaurant, but you always get compliments for your cooking skills and you want to make money, you need not to worry then. All you need to do is to open a page on Instagram or Facebook and put all of your details like menu, charges, phone no, etc. there. 

Make sure to provide hygienic food because it is one of the main reasons that people opt for domestic food.


Mehndi artistry

Brown girls are known for their enormous love for mehndi and that is why we see beautiful mehndi designs carved on the hands of Pakistani girls in every special event. In Pakistan, mehndi artists have always been in demand on every special occasion. Pakistani girls never ever want to skip out on mehndi in any event. So why not take advantage of such an opportunity in return for some money.

Mehndi artists typically learn on their own and do not need any formal training. It falls under the category of a zero-investment business in Pakistan which can turn out to be a very lucrative one.

If you already know mehndi artistry, it is well and good. But even if you don’t know it yet, still you can get to learn it within two or three months. 

Let people know of your talent through Instagram or Facebook page or through friends and family and start earning from today.


Travel agency

Pakistan is a land of beautiful valleys and landscapes. It has a rich culture and that’s why people from all over the world come over and visit Pakistan. Tourism Business is in fact one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. 

To start your own travel agency, you need to have a business plan and investment. You need to register your agency, set up your budget, research tourist locations, and arrange transport for tourists

Make sure to provide comfortable transport services to tourists so that they consider your agency on their next visit too. 


Online and home tutoring

Do you get compliments on your way of teaching and explaining things? If yes, then this business idea is a great opportunity for you. 

As Pakistan continues to favor new teaching methods, there is a huge demand for at-home and after-school tutors. It is a successful niche, that requires no investment in Pakistan because only formal education and teaching experience are required. This business idea is especially beneficial for students who are struggling to pay their college or university fee.

To get started, you need just a laptop, a computer, or a mobile with a good internet connection to provide online tutoring services. If you are a qualified person and have good teaching skills, by making a small investment you can get a large profit at home.

Make your profile at different tutoring websites or join Facebook groups related to tutoring, to get started.


Hostel business

If you look around your circle, you will find many hostelites around you. Hostel business is not new in Pakistan but its demand has become high in recent years.

In past, mostly boys used to opt for higher education .Today women are also opting for higher education, and for that purpose, they move from one city to another. That is why the demand of hostels have been increased in Pakistan.

Most of the hostels in Pakistan lack quality, which has made hostel life a challenging one. So, if you want to go for that business, make sure to provide a healthy environment to hostelites, choose a suitable location i.e., close to the road or educational institution, make sure all rooms are airy and broad and food must be healthy and hygienic.


Gym at home

Where are the fitness enthusiasts? It’s time for you to convert your passion into a business.


Pakistani women generally don't trust strangers. Therefore, they'll be happy to visit a place they trust completely. You can take the initiative by turning a vacant room in your house, into a gym. You can easily get gym equipment at affordable prices from different vendors.


To buy all the contemporary machinery, you may need to invest about 60 thousand rupees to 1 lac but, it will turn out to be a lucrative source of income.


Final thoughts 

In Pakistan, we have many business opportunities to start our business. Most of these businesses don’t even require a single penny of investment. You can start a business by investing your skills or money, it is up to you. All you need is to take the right decision to select a business idea that is feasible for you to get started and most importantly be fearless of failures and mistakes in the start of business .Learn from your mistakes and grow.

Select a business idea for yourself from the above list and research it thoroughly on the internet to get better understanding of it.

If you have any suggestions and business ideas in your mind do share them in the comment box.



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